There is no such thing as impossible. Outsource your projects regardless of how big or small they are.

Outsource your projects

Your success is our success.

Reduce your costs and maximize profits by outsourcing your development.

Designers, web-developers or software developers, dba specialists, dev-ops or sysadmins they are all available for best results.


We have extensive experience in backend technologies like Java/Spring, PHP and Go running as standalone or containerised environment. For front-end we can cover any of the React, Angular, JQuery, HTML5 and all in between including dev-op knowledge, scripting, automatisation.
For light uses we can help with any of the popular frameworks like WordPress or Magenta.


“Knowledge is power” is for many just truism, for us is one of the principle that guides us. We know what are the current most valued technologies, we know what is under the hood, and we are able to adapt to any needs. Expertise comes from long years of experience and solid educational background.


Every piece of code, service or just simple advice comes with the responsibility attached. We are fully aware that every decision has to be an informed decision, for which we assume the responsibility of the technical course chosen.


Scale your application using the newest architecture design and deploy them into the cloud. You still have the big old monolith but you feel that it’s not going to do any better in the future? The costs for the servers, time to implement new features are getting to high? The microservices are here to help and save the day.

Web services

Unleash the power of the web services, scale up to the next level, regardless if we are speaking about simple RESTfull web services or fully powered API.

Web development

We are living in an online world. A website is a mandatory marketing tool regardless if we are talking about a company, product or service. We know how to maximize the impact of the message through a website, to ensure the best mix of visuals and user experience for any media.

Agile development

We can deliver large and complex projects with fast development cycles using SCRUM, iterative development, prototyping. Kanban boards, project management tools, source controls, everything is covered.

We are creative

Because we have talents to starts the projects.

We are professional

Because we have geeks and engineers to finish the projects.

Our team

We are an experienced, energetic and quality driven team. We come with all kind of talents and ideals, from an intercultural background.


If you need more info about our services or references on the projects we have completed, drop a message and we’ll get back to you.

Virgil Madgearu nr. 11/9
300192 Timisoara, Romania