Senior Lead Programmer well versed in multiple technologies and programming languages with strong architectural mind, very good understanding of dev/ops.
Team lead, mentorship skill, very good communicator, have done lots of presentations and public speaking.

+40 729 150 931


Politehnica University of Timișoara
Computer Science
(5 year Engineer Degree)


English – proficiency
Hungarian – conversational
German – beginner

Technical skills

Java/Spring, Javascript (Node.js, React), Typescript, Go
Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Jira


2020-2022 Expert Software Engineering

– Online pharmacy shop: directly involved in developing new architecture and implementation of a new centralized payment system using micro-services architecture, totally asynchronous communication via RabbitMQ, MongoDB on Google cloud. Backend implementation of new payment system such as Klarna Pay later. Had to be involved in several teams with good communication across organization.
Technologies: Java/Spring Boot, Typescript, JPA/Hibernate, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes

2017-2020 Team Lead Software Engineering
Atlatos Gmbh

– Travel manager application: B2B travel manager application that used to run in a very large Java based monolith, a new re-design of the application architecture using micro-services was done using Java Spring and set a template for any new feature. All micro-services run in dockerized environment, new CI/CD streamline was set in place.
The micro-services ecosystem includes api gateway, configuration server (with git integration), OAuth2/JWT security, discovery/registry services, Hazelcast caching, Feign client, ELK logging, Grafana dashboards/alerts.
Technologies: Java/Spring, Spring Boot, JPA/Hibernate, MySQL

– Backend API booking micro-services for flights, hotels, trains and car-rentals using multitude of the service providers, payment/CC processing included.
Technologies: Java/Spring, Spring Boot, JPA/Hibernate, MySQL

– OCR API backend: information extraction from scanned or photoed receipts and invoices including image pre-processing (skewing, noise reduction etc).
Technologies: Java/Spring, Spring Boot, JPA/Hibernate, MySQL

– Door2Door frontend app: travel planner from local buses, to trains and flights, each segment configurable and bookable using REST API from micro-services as backend.
Technologies: React, ReactNative

2015-2017 Team Lead

– Job crawler: refactoring and integration of the existing job crawler and additional services from INTELLIGENCE COMPENTENCE CENTER AG into the XING’ services. Also coordinated integration into the CI/CD pipeline and deployment infrastructure, technology transfer.
– multiple API integrations
Technologies: Java/Spring, JPA/Hibernate, MySQL

2008-2015 CTO/Lead Programmer

– Job crawler: Java application running in approx. 16.000 threads on 30 root server farm, crawling job sites mainly for DACH market, having more than 2 millions of jobs updated daily, with more than 100.000 new jobs per day. The crawler was using deep web, selecting and submitting forms, javascript evaluation, content detection and feature extraction. Each job collected was further analysed, parsed for additional information (as company, contact details) and cached. At the peak we had in the database more than 200 millions of jobs.
The collected jobs were integrated into a job search portal.
Technologies: Java, MySQL

– Learning Center (AI backend for crawler): for job matching and categorization using artificial intelligence algorithms. Jobs collected using the job crawler were validated and put into job categories using multi-layered machine learning based system. Besides having the document classification also all the relevant information was extracted.
For example, the process implied having a web page, actual relevat content was extracted, the content classified as HR/NonHR, then Job/NoJob, then if job what kind of a job (IT, legal, financial etc.), then from the job content were extracted further information as requirements (hard skill, soft skills, educational degree), benefits offered or salary range.
Features were expose via REST API.

Technologies: Java, MySQL, Lucene, NLP, Supervised Learning, SVM, VSM, SGD

– Public Job Search Portal/B2B Search Portal: job search portal that presented all the jobs crawled via interactive site using dynamic filters.
Technologies: PHP, Javascript, MySQL, SOLR (Elastic Search)

– Technical Due Diligence Responsabile: the business was acquired by XING AG in 2015, I was directly responsible for technical due diligence procedures.